1250 | 00.00%

Royal Swazi Sugar (RSSC)

1520 | 00.00%

Swd Empowerment (SEL)

3600 | +2.86%


790 | 00.00%

Greystone Partners

300 | 00.00%

SBC Limited

890 | +14.10%

Inala Capital Limited

135 | +3.85%


On 14 June 2021, Swazispa was placed under provisional liquidation by the High Court of Eswatini. This provisional order was confirmed on 19 June 2021, consequently placing the Company into final liquidation. On 15 September 2021, the Company’s Liquidator requested the ESE to suspend the listing of the Company’s securities with immediate effect. The ESE has granted this request, and accordingly the listing of the Company’s securities on the ESE has been suspended in terms of section 19 of the Securities Act, 2010.

The ESE will continue to monitor the situation and will in the event of the Company being dissolved have no option but to delist same. For further information please contact the ESE on

  Mon Sep 2021